"Otabo is a full-service footwear manufacturer.

[The] team works with brands to handle orders, starting with product and sample development through to production, quality control and shipping. [They] operate a luxury custom workshop and manage mass production for a large variety of footwear categories in 50+ partner factories. On a limited basis, [they] also manufacture apparel, accessories and home goods."


"Responsible for our social media presence, Nate works with our onsite workshop and factory staff to capture imagery and create educational content on design, development, production and quality control - with the goal of informing designers, startups and entrepreneurs on manufacturing processes. He takes the lead on creative inspiration, establishing guidelines for onsite factory photographers, and curating and editing all content."

I N S T A G R A M 

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Full service footwear manufacturer. High quality, ethical factories. 35+ years experience producing for leading brands and startups.